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Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspirations#1 Julie Chen's Artists' Books

Julie Chen
'Personal Paradigms'  2003

The April/May issue of American Craft Magazine has arrived and it contains a story on Julie Chen and her extraordinary books, 'Read Between the Lines'.

I then found
a video:

Artists' Books fascinate me, whether they be limited editions of simple hand-stitched books or the more complex ones like those made by Julie Chen.

In a series of posts I plan to bring ideas together with the concept of 'inspiration'--images, artists, poets...whatever and whoever I encounter to add to a personal scrapbook of possibilities. 
The Oxford Dictionary identifies the origin of the word 'inspiration' as being from Middle English (enspire) and related to 'divine guidance'. The Middle English word came from Latin, inspirare, 'to breathe or blow into'. As in the English inspiration can also be used to mean, 'the drawing in of breath'

...a space between spoken words or ideas.

Reference: American Craft Magazine April/May 2011, 34 - 39

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