Since each of us was several, there was quite a crowd. Here we have made use of everything that came within range, what was closest as well as fartherest away. (Deleuze & Guattari, in the introduction to A Thousand Plateaus, 3)

Persons of interest

I have added this page as a means of keeping a list of artists and references that I encounter.
[Started Tuesday, May 18 2010, amended April 18 2012 when I started grouping the references by project] 

Ralli Quilt Project: 'identities of the collective and the individual, the material and the virtual'

  • Amit Chaudhuri (2008) Clearing a Space, London:Peter Lang Ltd - essays exploring modern Indian identity: 

...the events that seem to us like 'chance' and 'accident' are also crucial to the creation of the writers temperament, his or her oeuvre, and to the plotting of any intellectual history. (p12)
To say I am 'a product of' then, is already to mislead; it's to simplify what's essentially a somewhat idiosyncratic imaginative and critical project - a continual and shifting self-positioning - into a story about contexts and origins. (p13)
What I am interested in are the elisions that direct the binaries (East, West; high, low; native, foreign;, fantasy, reality; elite, democratic) within which, by some subtle or inescapable default mechanism, we generally position ourselves in relation to cultural formulation, binaries that, however do not quite corroborate our experience of the world. Crucially, I am rethinking too, my, and others', relationship with creative and critical language, and inquiring after what continues to validate, or neuter, that relationship. (14)
 Chaudhuri's comments of identity resonated with my questions about a identity that didn't quite seem to 'fit' cultural expectations, or the cultural expectations I feel I am expected to fit within.

  • Exhibition: Resurgence: stories of an earthquake, survival and art - catalogue to an exhibition at the Manly Gallery & Museum 28 March to 4 May 2003. 
An extraordinary exhibition I visited in April 2003, these were textile pieces produced in the aftermath of an earthquake that killed between 30,000 and 80,000 people in Gujarat on January 26th 2001. The works used traditional techniques to produce works in response to this disaster. Each community has its own reputation and style, the Resurgence project encouraged artisans to express their own experiences with these techniques. When I saw the exhibition I was profoundly moved, now when I return to the catalogue, I am again profoundly moved.

Ali Mohmed Isha: Out of Darkness (2002) 3 panels of Bandani (tie-dye technique) each 230 x 90 cm - these panels were hung from the ceiling of the gallery so it was possibile to walk around them:
My work is like writing a code. As I 'write' the dots into the cloth I wonder about the meaning of writing. I remember when good 'writing' used to be made on a typewriter using carbon to make copies. My 'writing' pleases me and I want to make copies so I have translated this idea of carbon to my Bandhani.

  • Patricia Ormsby Stoddard (2003) Ralli Quilts: Indian Textiles from India and Pakistan - my starting place for research into Ralli Quilts  

Artlink vol 29/2 2009 'after the missionaries'
  • 'jelek' by Ruth Hadlow (p42) 'walked down the hill and caught a bemo...' 
  • 'Paul Carter's Nearamnew' by Emily Porter (p52) text + sandstone in Federation Sq
  • 'An unlandscape of words and paintings: from Meenamatta to paradise'  by Helen Vivian (p64) collaboration between poet Jim Everett and visual artist Jonathan Kimberley, amazing images incorporating text...smooth space??? Almost visceral (link to essay on exhibition, reference to 'time' relevant to Pamela's work??)
Art Review Issue 38 January & February 2010
  • 'Kiki Smith' by Vincent Katz (p68) "...Kiki Smith's latest work turns to subtler taboos": traces themes in artist's work through to recent site specific exhibition at Brooklyn Museum's Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art  (February-September 2009), Kiki Smith: Sojourn her ongoing investigation into the domestic space and creativity (a YouTube video on the exhibition)
Selvedge Mar/Apr 2010:
  • Aneeth Arora: clothing
  • 'Untold Stories' essay by Sue Pritchard curator of V & A Quilt exhibition
  • 'Bedmates: do modern quilt makers need a wake-up call?' by Susan B Marks--essay raises interesting and provoking points for contemporary quiltmaker, "...artists...continue to complain of an art world less than eager to acknowledge their work...(pointing out)...the 'overlooked' artist may not be strong enough to compete in the art world. The female dominated quilt world offers a less critical and more supportive space than the wider art world. The lack of criticism has resulted in an extraordinary number of quilters purporting to be artists...In reality there is little contemporary work that strays outside well-understood conventions" (p57-8) 
  • 'Kantha: Lives and landscapes of Bengal's embroidered quilts' (p71) fantastic images!    
Fiberarts Apr/May 2010:
  • Whitney Stansell (p22) family history, secrets, letters, clothing and identity. Exhibition: 'Unraveling the Past'   
  • Mary Smull (p24) uses white thread to complete unfinished canvases
  • E-TEXTILES (p44) article by Janet Collins: electronic textiles--can sense information, transmit power, sound or visuals and create illumination
  • Linda Hutchins (p48) organza objects
  • Diane Savona (p52) tape with digital text on vintage wooden bobbins Tangible History (2010) see link on website to exhibition, 'Closet Archaeology'
  • Yarn Heaven in Nebraska! (p63) Brown Sheep Co
American Craft April/May 2010 (vol 70/2)
  • 'In the mail' letters: Continuing the Conversation on criticism (p6) difficulties in 'craft' wonder what Sue Wood's paper at Ozquilt conference (2009) would bring to the discussion, much I think!
  • 'Thinking about tools' (editor's letter) by Shannon Sharpe on ceramicist Michael Sherrill's tool box
  • 'What effect has the Internet had on your work or career?' (p14) seven practitioners respond
  • 'Have you heard?' (p16) five Americans exhibit at Int Tri of Tapestry Lodz Poland, Lanny Berger's work Multiplicity caught me eye
  • Books on jewelry art (p22) see image top of page (The Good Omen by Nancy Woden) prompted me to start this 'page' to compile names/works to broaden my field of reference(s) 
  • 'Perspectives: Art, Craft, Design & the Studio Quilt' by Glen R Brown (p32) review of exhib that situated quilts in relation to paintings, sculptures, works in glass, precious gems and ceramics (Nebraska, Nov 2009-May 2010) Lake Superior Stick Bed and Quilt by Terrie Hancock Mangat, image not in review but as installation brought to mind Helen Gray and Emma Ree's A Hard Bed To Lie In (2003) exhibited in The New Quilt 2003. Brown mentions "..surface stitching has its lineage in a craft context and utilitarian nature of batting, works (in exhibition) suggest the studio quilt perpetuates the technique principally for its expressive potential."(p33) and it is stitching which sets studio quilt from medium of painting and as a medium in its own right.  Also mentions Dorothy Caldwell quilt. 
  • 'Expanding the Toolbox' by Jo Lauria (p51) hand co-exist with the digital. Yes! 
Sydney Writers' Festival May 21 2010
  • Writing Beyond the Book literary expression beyond the codex format, the 'materiality' of language  --Helen Cole (Library of Queensland) on the 'artist's book' subvert the relationship between the text and the image: Bernadette Crockford Concrete Poetry (1996) order of reading is determined by reader, Victoria Cooper Watermarks (2009) images and Judith Wright poem [I can't find a link for this], Margaret Kaufman and Clare Von Vliet Aunt Sallie's lament (1993) interactive quilt block/story, Mark Connor, John Tonkin, Sun Evtard et al The grub in the wood of time (1989) Peter Lyssiotis and Brian Castro A gardener at midnight: travels in the Holy Land (2004) collaborative, based on early text authorship obscured, Marshall Weber Eleven (2002) rotate book around axis...vortex of confusion (9/11); Joanna Featherstone:  The Red Room Company  other formats for publication (scrolls in bottle, on-line virtual gallery) getting poetry out there! Christy Deena: trans-media books (incorporate/read together with other media: music at specific point in text, internet link etc) Raw Shark Texts, Anthony E Zucker , Laura Esquivel, at edge of mainstream, Andrew Stuart (chair) The Material Poem temporality: it's a different way of reading, on-line seems to speed it up, whereas artist's book slows it down, rel. easy to produce books containing objects, use media platforms you already love
  • Poetry: The Last Genre Standing? Robert Gray, Michael Palmer, Jennifer Maiden & Mark Tredinnick (chair) why this feeling that there is something is going to be lost? But reading has to be done slowly, computerization means no longer need to commit to memory. MP: poetry exists no where and in no time, it asks questions of truth but doesn't wait around for answers, JM: analogue continuous (prose) digital a binary system made up of positive and neutral (poetry) intrinsic to human brain (trochaic  meter in poetry) anaphora, grouping of disparate objects (?poem by R Gray)
  • the new guard vs the old guard?
American Craft June/July 2010
  • Breaking Patterns: Prisoners Piece Together Their Lives One Quilt Block at a Time p57-61 see my posting 'Restorative Justice' (July 15 2010) in associated blog: The Big House 
Yann Mantel: Beatrice and Virgil
This is a book I finished reading last week and find it has left a lasting impression. It appears to have elicted a varied response from reviewers and readers. I have already discussed my response to the ABC's First Tuesday Book Club in my 'Bloglog'. When I raised the subject at the book club I'm a member of, it was greeted with a negative response although noone else had read it; there was a suggestion that Yann Mantel had had a murky past involving But I decided to see if I could find out, no hints so far but I did come across a summary of his writing that I found interesting: Yann Mantel

Textile Fibre Forum issue 3, No. 9, 2010

  • Windwash at Megalo Print Studio + Gallery by Alison Alder p30-331, see post on this blog 'Tea-Towels' August 18
  • Liz Powell - Armchair Travel p36-37, books and mixed media 
American Craft August/September 2010
  • Google Curates by Glen Adamson p66-67 see post on this blog 'The Virtual Curator in Smooth Space' August 17
Sydney Morning Herald, August 7-8 2010
  • Spectrum: Treasures from a curious chest  review of Curious Colony: A 21st Century Wunderkammer By John McDonald (see posting, 'Wunderkammer/Lost Birds Series' & 'Wunderkammer/ Wundernet)
'Look Magazine' (AGNSW) 06/10
  • Hany Armanious: Art of the uncanny, from Australia to Venice by Laura Pia
The Economist September 4th-10th 2010
  • 'A cyber-house divided' 59-60
  • 'A virtual counter-revolution' 71-73
I have referred to both articles in my Blogbook entry for September 7
[Note: articles in the Economist are anonymous] 

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