Since each of us was several, there was quite a crowd. Here we have made use of everything that came within range, what was closest as well as fartherest away. (Deleuze & Guattari, in the introduction to A Thousand Plateaus, 3)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That In-Between Space

Pamela Fitzsimons, Extinction wrap 2007 
3 panels, each 110 x 150 am, machine and hand-stitched plant-dyed silk

And so what of the in-between space?

Mog Bremner's Cot Quilt For A Baby, Not Yet Born captures that moment just before a quilt comes together. While its surface design is based on an alternating nine-patch--a readily recognizable and traditional quilt block design--the layers hang separate from each other yet joined by  threads which link one layer with the others. A structure which suggests a continual and on-going such sequence of events that is, ' unique instant of production in a continual flow of changes evident in the cosmos' (DD, 22). 
In the artist's words: 
This quilt is a metaphor for an unborn baby, a potential living person. The structure is recognisable but not yet complete, and the intertwined complexity of the developing self has already begun. Imagination creates the solidity of a possible reality. (Artist's statement, catalog for 'The New Quilt 2010')
That in-between space, between self and other, a shifting space...that of performance, and also where self becomes other--a hybrid space which Homi K Bhabha calls 'The Third Space' where we may: '...emerge as the others of ourselves'.

A quilt is usually defined: ' a layered stitched textile with at least two distinct layers bound together by stitches throughout the piece'. It is a label attached to a work by the artist, thus some works may be stitched and layered but not quilts, while in others the layers may be metaphorical and linked by narrative.
This definition is taken from the entry form for  'The New Quilt 2010': a juried exhibition of twenty-six 'contemporary quilt textiles'  curated by Dianne Firth and held at th Manly Art Gallery & Museum, June 18 - July 25 2010
Mog Bremner's Cot Quilt for a Baby, Not Yet Born was selected for this exhibition. Unfortunately,  no image is available
Homi K Bhaba quoted in Mersha Meskimmon, 'Woman Making Art', p150

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  1. Hi Sarah, I've been overseas so I've only just seen your blog which was forwarded to me by Pamela Fitzsimons. I'm not familiar with the authors you quote so I shall have some research to do. My main theoretical influence comes from an American Douglas Hofstadter who researches and writes about the nature of self. I also draw on developmental psychology and psychotherapy - the 'space between' is very much a concern in those fields. My quilt was difficult to photograph to show its transient structure, but I could send you one (or post it) if you would like. Best wishes, Mog Bremner